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Unleashing the Fun: Gel Blasters, Gel Guns, and Orbeez Rifles


In the world of recreational shooting and outdoor adventures, gel blasters, gel guns, and Orbeez rifles have been gaining increasing popularity. These toys provide enthusiasts of all ages with a unique and exciting way to engage in friendly combat games. In this article, we'll delve into the world of gel blasters, gel guns, and Orbeez rifles, exploring what sets them apart, how they work, and the thrilling experiences they offer.

What are Gel Blasters?

Gel blasters, often referred to as gel ball blasters, are a type of toy firearm that propels soft gel balls at a safe velocity. These gel balls are made from a water-absorbent polymer, similar to Orbeez. They are commonly used in organized games and recreational activities.

The Mechanics Behind Gel Blasters

Gel blasters operate on a simple mechanism. When the trigger is pulled, an electric motor or spring is engaged, creating air pressure within the blaster's barrel. This pressure forces a gel ball out of the barrel, sending it soaring towards the target. The gel ball bursts upon impact, creating a satisfying splatter.

Gel Guns: A Close Cousin

Gel guns share many similarities with gel blasters but are designed to look and feel more like traditional firearms. These toys are often used in military simulation games and provide an added level of realism for enthusiasts.

Key Features of Gel Guns

  • Realistic design
  • Semi-automatic or automatic firing modes
  • Magazine-fed for quick reloading
  • Safe, non-lethal gel balls

Orbeez Rifles: A Splash of Fun

Orbeez rifles are a unique twist on the gel-based shooting experience. Instead of shooting gel balls, they use Orbeez, those colorful water-absorbent beads often used in gardening and crafts.

How Orbeez Rifles Work

Orbeez rifles function similarly to gel blasters and gel guns, but with a twist. Instead of gel balls, these rifles shoot Orbeez, which expand upon contact with water. This adds an extra element of surprise and entertainment to the shooting experience.

Safety First

While gel blasters, gel guns, and Orbeez rifles provide hours of fun, it's crucial to prioritize safety. Always wear protective gear, such as goggles or face masks, when engaging in gel-based shooting games. Additionally, ensure that you follow local laws and regulations regarding the use of these toys.

The Thrill of Gel-Based Shooting Games

Gel blasters, gel guns, and Orbeez rifles offer an exciting and engaging way to enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family. Their safe and non-lethal nature makes them suitable for players of all ages, from children to adults.

Benefits of Gel-Based Shooting Games

  • Enhances hand-eye coordination
  • Promotes teamwork and communication
  • Provides an adrenaline rush in a safe environment
  • Encourages outdoor play and exercise


In conclusion, gel blasters, gel guns, and Orbeez rifles have become the go-to choice for individuals looking to add an element of excitement to their outdoor adventures. Whether you prefer the tactical feel of gel guns or the splattery surprise of Orbeez rifles, these toys offer something for everyone. Remember to prioritize safety, follow local regulations, and most importantly, have a blast!


1. Are gel blasters safe for children to use?

Yes, gel blasters are generally safe for children to use, provided they wear appropriate safety gear and follow safety guidelines.

2. Can I use Orbeez rifles indoors?

Orbeez rifles are best used outdoors or in spacious areas due to the potential for Orbeez to scatter upon impact.

3. Are gel balls and Orbeez biodegradable?

Gel balls and Orbeez are typically not biodegradable and should be disposed of responsibly.

4. What is the range of gel blasters and gel guns?

The range of gel blasters and gel guns can vary, but it typically ranges from 20 to 30 meters.

5. Where can I purchase gel blasters, gel guns, or Orbeez rifles?

At Bespoke Airsoft we have great range of Gel Blasters in Stock!


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