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  1. Golden Eagle Motor for AK Series
    SKU: 614338
  2. CCCP Universal Anti-Reversal Latch
    SKU: 614340
  3. A&K MK43 Hop Up Set (Complete)
    SKU: 614219
  4. G&G Polymer Spring Guide for V2 Gearbox
    SKU: 614337
  5. A&K M4 Hop Up Set (Metal Version)
    SKU: 614217
  6. A&K PKM Hop Up Set (Complete)
    SKU: 614220
  7. Action Army AAP01 - Magazine Lip
    SKU: 613929
  8. Maple Leaf AUTOBOT Hop Bucking 75°
    SKU: 510974
  9. Maple Leaf AUTOBOT Hop Bucking 80°
    SKU: 510975
  10. LYCAN Curved Trigger for AS01 - Blue
    SKU: 613448
  11. SHS M170 AEG Upgrade Spring (TH1019)
    SKU: 611565
  12. SHS 100:300 Helical Gear Set (CL14015)
    SKU: 611584
    SKU: 510234
  14. A&K MOD1 Wired Set
    SKU: 611543
  15. Golden Eagle M240 Bravo (Gear Set - M-87)
    SKU: 511265
  16. WE M&P Trigger set
    SKU: 611058
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-36 of 307

per page

Airsoft Parts

We’d all like be able to afford the best weapons from the start. In reality, kitting yourself out fully, in the beginning, means shelling out a wad of precious cash. It is a choice that not everyone can afford, but it’s also unnecessary. 

Instead, choose a weapon that is more affordable when you’re starting to play. Make sure that you’re able to upgrade it later, though. 

Our full range of airsoft internal parts, airsoft mounts, and airsoft accessories provide everything you need at any stage of your journey. Choose your gear, place an order, and we’ll spring into action.

We’re the UK’s best airsoft parts suppliers because of our range and outstanding customer service. 

Types of Airsoft Parts

Airsoft parts UK fall into two broad categories: upgrades and maintenance. Upgrades are self-explanatory, like changing out your airsoft pistol barrel for a longer one. Maintenance parts cover all that wears out over time, like the O-rings. 

Let’s examine the sub-categories. 

AEG Internal Parts

These are parts that help you to improve the efficiency of an electronic rifle. It improves the rate of fire, accuracy, and range.  

Gas Internal Parts

These parts are designed to improve the efficiency of any gas-powered model. Improve the recoil strength, gas efficiency, and reliability.

Spring Parts

Do you want your spring-powered weapon to be the deadliest on the range? Check out this section. You’ll find upgrades that facilitate complete silence and make you deadly accurate long-range.  

Magazine Parts

Is your magazine leaking? Peruse this section to find the solution. Our range of tools provides you with quick fixes in the field. 


Like a real firearm, airsoft weapons require regular maintenance. We have kits to help you clean and lubricate any weapon that you own. Your weapons will reward your care with better efficiency and a longer lifespan.  

Tools & Chronographs

The right tools make all the difference. Choose what you need from our extensive range. 


We offer a range of brands to suit beginners through experts and everything in between. This flexibility allows our clients to select the perfect option for their needs and budget, and to adjust their selection as they improve their game. 

Our favourite brands include: 

  • WE
  • ASG
  • Guarder
  • MadBull
  • Gate
  • LayLax
  • Prowin
  • IKS

Why do we recommend these brands in particular? They’re reliable and put out excellent quality products. Even the budget ranges here deliver impressive quality options at reasonable prices. The manufacturers that we work with have committed themselves to service excellence, which is how we like to do things. 


Choose us if you’re looking for great airsoft parts at a reasonable price. We always treat our clients fairly because we appreciate their business and think everyone deserves a chance to play. We understand that you have a choice of where to purchase your gear, and we ensure that you always receive our best possible service to show you our gratitude. 

That commitment starts with choosing reliable manufacturers that won’t let you down. We round it off by trying to impress you with every order. Check out our range and then test our level of service—we won’t let you down.