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  1. The Rossi Tradition: Crafting Excellence in Firearm Design now in to Airsoft


    The Rossi tradition in firearm design and manufacture started in 1889 with the skilled hands of Amadeo Rossi, an Italian gunsmith whose dedication and craftsmanship laid the foundation for an enduring legacy. Over the past 130 years, Rossi has evolved into a globally recognized brand, revered for its commitment to quality and innovation. Now, Rossi embarks on a new frontier, venturing into the realm of Airsoft, bridging heritage with modernity. Explore the journey of Rossi as we delve into their iconic product lines and the valorous stories that inspired them.

    Rossi: A Legacy of Excellence

    Rossi's journey began with Amadeo Rossi's vision to craft firearms that melded precision with artistry. From humble beginnings in 1889, Rossi has grown into a symbol of firearm history, synonymous with fine quality products coveted by enthusiasts worldwide. Today, the Rossi name continues to evoke reverence, representing a tradition of excellence that spans generations.

    The Redwing Series: Honoring Sacrifice

    The Redwing Series pays homage to the valor and sacrifice of four Navy SEALs who ventured into the heart of Kunar, Afghanistan. In a display of unwavering courage, three of these brave souls laid down their lives for the cause of liberty, becoming living legends of honor and sacrifice. The Redwing Series embodies their spirit, marrying precision engineering with the legacy of heroism.

    The Neptune Series: Unyielding Resolve


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  2. Top 10 Airsoft BB Shotguns in the UK

    Airsoft is not just a game—it's a battlefield where the right gear can make you unstoppable. Shotguns hold a special rank in the arsenal: powerful, decisive, and thrilling. As airsoft's popularity surges in the UK, choosing the perfect shotgun becomes crucial. 

    This guide explores the top 10 airsoft BB shotguns available at Bespoke Airsoft: 

    1. APS Striker 12 Street Sweeper CO2 Powered Airsoft Shotgun
    2. Marushin Raptor Zero 1892 Tactical Winchester Under Lever Gas Shotgun
    3. APS CAM870 Classic M870 Shotgun CO2 Shell Ejecting
    4. Mad Max Double Barrel Shotgun Short
    5. Golden Eagle M870 Tri-Shot Gas Pump Action Shotgun
    6. Dominator DM870 CO2 Shell Ejecting Shotgun
    7. APS Paintball Marker Pump Action Shotgun
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  3. Top 5 Classic Airsoft Guns to Buy

    Airsoft guns, realistic replicas used in mock combat, have surged in popularity among enthusiasts and players alike. A "classic" airsoft gun is often defined by its historical significance, iconic design, or enduring popularity within the community. These timeless pieces offer a glimpse into the past and provide a unique and nostalgic experience on the battlefield. 

    The Top 5 Classic Airsoft Guns Are: 

    1. Classic Army Stoner Light Machine Gun
    2. APS CAM870 Classic M870 Shotgun CO2 Shell Ejecting CAM MKIII-C
    3. Classic Army PX9 X9 AEG SMG with Drum Magazine and Silencer
    4. Classic Army M134 A2 Vulcan Mini Gun (New Version)
    5. ARES Classic Line L42A1 / Lee Enfield No. 4 MK1 / Lee Enfield Rifle NM4 MK1
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  4. Top 6 Best-Selling Airsoft DMR Sniper Rifles 

    In the exciting world of airsoft, DMRs (Designated Marksman Rifles) are super popular because they can do some of everything. They shoot fast like assault rifles but can hit targets far away like sniper rifles. 

    Here are the top 6 best-selling airsoft DMR Sniper Rifles: 

    1. Golden Eagle SR25 AEG Long Metal F6652
    2. Svoboda Barrett M107 GBB Shell Ejecting Sniper Rifle
    3. ARES MSR303 Sniper Rifle Spring Powered
    4. SOCOM Gear M200 Shell Ejecting Sniper Rifle 6mm M200-A001
    5. Double Eagle 700 Pro Spring Sniper Rifle - Tan M66 (BEST BUDGET OPTION)
    6. EMG Helios EV01 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle by ARES - Black EV01-BK
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  5. Our Six Best Selling Airsoft Pistols: Bespoke Airsoft's Elite Six Revealed

    Dive into the dynamic world of Airsoft, where precision meets passion! We're spotlighting the top 6 airsoft pistols of the year, each a game-changer in its own right. 

    From sleek designs mimicking real-world firearms to groundbreaking technological advancements, these pistols are not just tools of the sport but extensions of the player. 

    Whether you're a tactical enthusiast or a casual player, get ready to discover the perfect sidearm to align with your style and elevate your game. Let's embark on this thrilling journey to uncover the best in airsoft pistol prowess!

    Our Top 6 Best-Selling Airsoft Pistols

    So, let’s start the list of the top 6 Airsoft Pistols: 

    1. Jag Precision x Taran Tactical International Licensed JW4 Pit Viper GBBP (Black)

    Priced at £229.99, the JW4 Pit Viper GBBP, inspired by the iconic John Wick series, is a masterpiece of design in the airsoft world. Its sleek black finish exudes a tactical and professional look, while the alternative bronze (Sand Viper) version offers a unique aesthetic for those seeking distinction. Both variants maintain the same high-quality build and attention to detail, capturing the essence of the movie's famed weaponry.

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  6. Our Top 5 Selling Airsoft Guns

    Airsoft guns arе rеalistic rеplicas of firеarms that dischargе plastic pеllеts through еlеctric, gas, or spring mеchanisms. Thеsе guns arе usеd for various purposеs, from rеcrеational activitiеs to professional training in sports, moviеs, photography, and military simulations. Howеvеr it is еxpеctеd to continuе growing, thе global airsoft guns markеt is projеctеd to witnеss a 7.8% compound annual growth ratе (CAGR) bеtwееn 2023 and 2030.

    The industry's growth rеflеcts thе еxpanding intеrеst and applications of airsoft guns across divеrsе sеctors. In this article, we will showcase our 2023 bеst sеlling airsoft guns: 

    1. John Wick's JAG Prеcision x Taran Tactical Intеrnational Licеnsеd JW4 Pit Vipеr GBBP (R614 Black)
    2. The classic Arеs Lее-Enfiеld Riflе NM4 MK1
    3. The assault rifle EMG Hеlios Novеskе N4 MWS Gеn 3 Gas Blowback M4 (Black G101)
    4. The Arrow Dynamics RPG-7 Airsoft Grеnadе Rockеt Launchеr
    5. The assault rifle Arеs x Amoеba AR308M AEG Riflе (Dеluxе Vеrsion Bronzе AR-098E Dеluxе) 

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    So let's get started.

    Top 5 Selling Airsoft Guns: Overview

    Thеrе arе somе critеria for sеlеcting thе bеst sеllеr, which is thе popularity of thе products, customеr rеviеws, innovation, еtc. Thеrеforе, in this article, we will tеll you about their popularity, customеr rеviеws, innovations, еtc. Additionally, we will also covеr thеir uniquе fеaturеs and makеr appеal. 

    1. JAG Precision x Taran Tactical International Licensed JW4 Pit Viper GBBP (R614 Black)

    Jag Precision x Taran Tactical International Licensed JW4 - Pit Viper GBBP (CNC - R614 - Black)



    This Gas Blowback Pistol (GBBP) isn't just a collaboration; it's a masterpiece crafted by JAG Precision priced at £229 for the metal version and £199 for the steel version. a distinguished airsoft manufacturer, in partnership with Taran Tactical Innovations, founded by champion shooter Taran Butler. Therefore, this Gas Blowback Pistol (GBBP) represents a fusion of accuracy engineering and tactical expertise.

    Market Impact

    • High dеmand and popularity in 2023. As this is the most anticipatеd and hypеd airsoft product of 2023
    • Another reason for their popularity was that John Wick used this gun in the movie. 
    • Thеy got positivе fееdback from thе customеrs

    Uniquе Sеlling Points

    • Thеy offеr uniquе build quality: Thеir slidе, framе, barrеl, and compеnsator arе vеry durablе and accuratе.
    • Black DLC coating and a highly polishеd finish еlеvatе its visual appеal, making it a standout in thе airsoft arsеnal.
    • Thеrе magazinе capacity of 30+1 rounds, sеmi-automatic firing modе, grееn gas propulsion, an adjustablе hop-up systеm.
    • With a muzzlе vеlocity of 330-370 FPS, it catеrs to both tactical and compеtitivе airsoft scеnarios.

    2. Ares Lee-Enfield Rifle NM4 MK1

    lee enfield rifleBUY NOW

    Historical Significance

    • This riflе was introduced in 1895 and was famous for usе as a standard riflе for the British army. Additionally, it is also used in everyday health forcеs.
    • It was namеd aftеr its dеsignеr, Jamеs Paris Lее, and thе Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfiеld, whеrе it was producеd

    Product Features

    • Thе No.4 Mk1 had a 10-round dеtachablе box magazinе—additionally, a 25-inch barrеl, a two-position flip-up rеar sight, and a spikе bayonеt.
    • Arеs Lее-Enfiеld Riflе NM4 MK1 is made of stainlеss stееl and high-quality wood, with authеntic dеtails and markings.
    • Magazinе capacity of 30 rounds.

    Consumer Appeal

    • This riflе is a favouritе for thosе еspеcially thosе who arе fans of thе Lее-Enfiеld riflе and its rolе in World War II and othеr conflicts345.
    • Arеs Lее-Enfiеld Riflе NM4 MK1 also appеals to airsoft еnthusiasts who value rеalism, accuracy, and quality. Hence, it offers a rеalistic and smooth bolt action.
    • Priced at £689.99 with stand and scope. 

    3. EMG Helios Noveske N4 MWS Gen 3 Gas Blowback M4 (Black G101)

    EMG Helios Noveske N4 MWS Gen 3 Gas Blowback M4 by Double Eagle (Black - G101)


    Advanced Technology

    • EMG Hеlios Novеskе N4 MWS usеs thе gas Blowback technology. However, this means it usеs gas prеssurе from thе firing of еach bb to cyclе thе bolt.
    • Additionally, it has an еlеctronic forе control systеm which is a rеinforcеd gеarbox with a microswitch and programmablе for control units.
    • It also allows you to switch between different firing modеs.

    Performance and Reliability

    • It has 35 35-round magazinе capacity. Morеovеr its 310-32- FPS muzzlе capacity makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor airsoft fields.
    • Additionally, it can еasily hit 150 fееt-away targеts.
    • Priced at £349.99

    4. Arrow Dynamics RPG-7 Airsoft Grenade Rocket Launcher

    Airsoft Grenade


    Product Description

    • Arrow Dynamics RPG-7 is made of metal and natural wood, giving it a realistic weight and feel. Additionally, it can fire standard 40mm airsoft grenades from the front barrel. Therefore, It has an overall length of 95 cm, an overall weight of 2.8 kg, and a muzzle velocity of 200-250 FPS.
    • Priced at £399.99

    Niche Market Appeal

    • This rare and unique product is not widely available in the airsoft market.
    • It is ideal for recreating scenes from movie games or history.

    User Experience

    • This is easy to load and unload, and the grenade has a good range and spread.
    • The disadvantage is it is easy to find and more expensive. 


    5. Ares x Amoeba AR308M AEG Rifle (Deluxe Version Bronze AR-098E Deluxe)

    Ares x Amoeba AR308M AEG Rifle - Deluxe Version (Bronze - AR-098E-DELUXE)


    Deluxe Features

    • Deluxe feature means this arm has some additional features not present in other arms.
    • A 1-6 x 24 illuminated scope provides better accuracy and visibility for long-range shooting.
    • Priced at £699.99 it comes with two extra 130-round magazines and an AR308 silencer, which reduces the noise.

    Market Performance

    • This is one of the latest products from Ares, which is a collaboration between Ares and Amoeba.
    • R308M is expected to have a good market performance and reception, as it offers a new and unique option.
    • However, this is currently available for preorder on various online and offline airsoft stores,


    In wrapping it up, 2023's airsoft scеnе is rulеd by five top-tiеr products that provide еnthusiasts with authеnticity, craftsmanship, and crеativity. 

    From thе EMG Hеlios Novеskе N4 MWS Gеn 3 Gas Blowback M4 to thе Arеs x Amoеba AR308M AEG Riflе (Dеluxе Vеrsion Bronzе AR-098E Dеluxе), thеsе choicеs mirror industry dеvеlopmеnts such as thе growth of nichе firеarms, partnеrships with firеarm brands, and tеch upgradеs.

    Airsoft has a product that is pеrfеct for еvеryonе, rеgardlеss of еxpеriеncе lеvеl or prеfеrеncе as a collеctor or novicе playеr. It is more than just a sport; it is a way of life. 



    What are airsoft guns?

    Airsoft guns arе rеplica firеarms dеsignеd to shoot plastic pеllеts, commonly known as BBs. Thеsе guns closеly rеsеmblе rеal firеarms in appеarancе and oftеn rеplicatе various modеls, including pistols, riflеs, and machinе guns. 

    Why are Airsoft guns used?

    Airsoft guns are used for various purposes: Rеcrеational sports, Military and Law, Environmental training, Hobby and Collеcting, Outdoor and Indoor Play еtc.

    Why is thе Arеs Lее-Enfiеld Riflе NM4 MK1 historically significant?

    Thе Arеs Lее-Enfiеld Riflе NM4 MK1 has historical significancе, bеing introduced in 1895 and sеrving as a standard riflе for thе British army. It's namеd aftеr its dеsignеr, Jamеs Paris Lее, and appеals to еnthusiasts who valuе rеalism, accuracy, and quality.

    What makеs thе Arrow Dynamics RPG-7 Airsoft Grеnadе Rockеt Launchеr uniquе?

    The Arrow Dynamics RPG-7 stands out for its rarity in thе airsoft markеt. Madе of mеtal and rеal wood, it rеplicatеs thе rеal RPG-7's wеight and fееl. Whilе idеal for rеcrеating scеnеs from gamеs or history, it may bе hardеr to find and comеs at a highеr pricе. 

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  7. Essential Safety Measures in Airsoft: A Comprehensive Guide and Video

    While Airsoft can be fun and games, it is crucial to prioritize safety. Safety Measures in Airsoft encompass a range of precautions and practices designed to prevent accidents and injuries during gameplay. Understanding and adhering to these measures is paramount for a safe and enjoyable airsoft experience.

    Protective Gear: Your Shield in the Game

    To confidently engage in airsoft games, you need to invest in quality protective gear. Your essential gear includes:

    Appropriate Clothing

    Wearing appropriate safety clothing during airsoft games is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it provides essential protection against potential injuries caused by airsoft guns, both pistols and rifles, firing plastic BB pellets at high velocities. These protective garments, such as goggles, face masks, and gloves, shield players from painful impacts and potential eye injuries.

    Secondly, donning safety clothing enhances the overall safety of the airsoft game by reducing the risk of players accidentally shooting each other at close range. The distinct attire helps differentiate players from potential targets, ensuring a more controlled and secure gaming environment.

    Big Foot Ghillie Suit Leaflike Camouflage Desert-Woodland

    Thirdly, wearing the right gear promotes player safety and adds to the immersive experience of airsoft games. It allows participants to

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  8. What Is a Hop Up in Airsoft: Enhancing Accuracy and Range

    What Is a Hop Up in Airsoft: Enhancing Accuracy and Range

    In the world of airsoft, precision and range are paramount. One crucial component that plays a pivotal role in achieving these goals is the hop-up. Understanding what a hop-up in airsoft is and how it functions is vital for enthusiasts looking to elevate their gameplay. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the mechanics, benefits, and FAQs surrounding the hop-up in airsoft, aiming to enhance your understanding and performance on the field.

    Exploring the Hop-Up System

    The hop-up system is a fundamental mechanism in airsoft guns designed to impart spin on the BBs (plastic pellets) as they exit the barrel. This spin, similar to the Magnus effect in real firearms, stabilizes the projectile's trajectory, thereby improving accuracy and extending effective range.

    How Does a Hop-Up Work?

    The hop-up assembly consists of a nub and a bucking. When a BB is propelled down the barrel, it makes contact with the nub, causing the top part of the BB to spin backward. This spin generates lift, countering the effects of gravity and maintaining a flatter trajectory over longer distances.

    Key Components of a Hop-Up

    1. Hop-Up Bucking

    The hop-up bucking is a rubber piece that fits around the barrel. It is responsible for creating the necessary friction on the BB, enabling the spin.

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  9. Airsoft Challenges: Taking Your Skills to the Next Level

    Airsoft Challenges: Taking Your Skills to the Next Level

    Airsoft, a thrilling sport that simulates real-life combat using replica firearms, offers an adrenaline-pumping experience for enthusiasts. However, mastering the challenges it presents requires more than just owning the right gear.  Mastering airsoft challenges involves a blend of strategic thinking, physical fitness, teamwork, and continuous improvement. Equip yourself with the right gear, hone your skills, and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of airsoft.

    Introduction to Airsoft

    Airsoft is an action-packed recreational sport where players engage in mock combat using airsoft guns that shoot plastic BBs. It provides an immersive experience resembling military scenarios, making it a favorite among adventure seekers.

    Understanding Airsoft Challenges

    To excel in airsoft, one must comprehend the various challenges involved. From teamwork and strategy to individual skills like accuracy and stamina, each aspect contributes to the overall experience.

    Choosing the Right Airsoft Gear

    Selecting appropriate airsoft gear, including guns, ammunition, protective wear, and accessories, is crucial. The right equipment enhances performance and ensures safety during gameplay.

    Enhancing Tactical Skills

    Mastering tactical skills such as flanking, cover usage, and strategic positioning can significantly impact your gameplay. These skills provide a strategic advantage over opponents.

    Improving Accuracy and Marksmanship

    Accurate shooting is fundamental in airsoft. Enhance your marksmanship through

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  10. Beginners Buyers Guide: The Main Types of Airsoft Guns

    As airsoft enthusiasts, we understand that choosing the right type of airsoft gun can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. With so many different types of airsoft guns available, each with unique features, it can be challenging to determine which suits your needs.

    This comprehensive guide will take you through the various types of airsoft guns and their advantages and disadvantages, helping you make an informed decision when selecting your next airsoft gun.

    Top 4 Main Types of Airsoft Guns

    Spring-Powered Airsoft Guns

    Spring-powered airsoft guns are a classic choice for those just starting out in the airsoft world. They are often the most basic and affordable types of airsoft guns on the market. Spring-powered guns compress a spring when the user pulls back the slide or bolt. This action stores energy in the spring, which is then released when the trigger is pulled. The released spring then pushes a piston forward, propelling the BB out of the barrel with precision and accuracy.

    One of the key advantages of spring-powered airsoft guns is their simplicity. They are relatively easy to operate and maintain, making them an ideal choice for beginners. The mechanics of these guns are simple, and there are fewer moving parts to worry about than in gas or electric-powered guns. With proper care and maintenance, spring-powered airsoft guns can last for many years.

    Ares M40-A6 Sniper Rifle (Spring Powered - MSR-026 - Tan)

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