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  1. What is Airsoft?

    Airsoft is a team game which participants eliminate opposing team players with Airsoft guns which fire a small 6mm in diameter plastic ball referred to as a "BB". The activity is very similar to Paintball in its concept and gameplay however that is where the similarities end. In Airsoft the projectiles are solid and do not leave any marking behind like paintball. Due to this the hobby is honour based and upon being struck with a BB you are expected to call "Hit" and take yourself to a respawn area or await a medic depending on the game rules. Protective gear is essential and full face protection is highly recommended by all sites although the bare minimum is eye protection.

    Airsoft Guns are Replicas

    With Airsoft the replica guns used are extremely more realistic when compared to paintball. Because of this the laws in the UK are very clear but can sometimes be misunderstood. You must be over 18 to purchase and the guns are sold as "two tone" where half of the gun is painted a bright colour (Usually blue,red or green) to signify it being a replica and not real. That being said you can gain an exemption from this ruling by either being a member of a local Airsoft site or attending a number of times and gaining a recognised number like a UKARA number. There are many different defences one can acquire. Once this defence has been acquired you can purchase the guns in their original colour but not before you gain this defence.

    Airsoft Strategies

    realistic woodland skirmish with electric airsoft guns and clothing

    Airsoft gameplay varies massively depending on the Airsoft site or event being attended to. Most sites run day events multiple times a month with some also doing 24 hour events to full weekends where you start on a Friday and finish on a Sunday. The scenarios can be quick games like capture the flag,

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  2. James answers some Airsoft Gun Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What are Airsoft guns?

    Airsoft guns are what Airsoft players use when carrying out the activity. They are used as a way to eliminate players on the opposing team and come in many variants and types.

    What do Airsoft guns shoot?

    Airsoft guns shoot BB's. Small plastic ball bearings. 6 mm in diameter, spherical projectiles that are solid in construction and do not burst on impact.

    Is Airsoft Legal?

    Airsoft guns are legal in many parts of the world, including the UK, however there are some restrictions. If you are aged over 18, it is possible to buy an Airsoft gun, however if you are unregistered it must have two colour tones, which will distinguish it from a real firearm. For those looking for a single tone gun, you will need to be registered with a skirmish site, as realistic imitation firearms can only be sold to registered Airsoft skirmishers or other approved groups.

    Is Airsoft Safe?

    Of course Airsoft is an enjoyable and safe sport and there are strict rules in place which ensure player safety and to avoid any potential risks. The most significant risk is the possibility of being shot in a damaging place, like the eyes or teeth. Full face protection is always recommended, however when using Airsoft guns in any manner the bare minimum you should have is eye protection like shooting glasses that are rated for ballistic protection. As long as it is enjoyed responsibly, Airsoft is no more dangerous than other hobby or sport.

    Can Children Play Airsoft?

    Although you need to be 18 to purchase an Airsoft gun, and it is an offence for a person younger than 18 to purchase one, having a parent or guardian purchase one for younger players to use is not. Most Airsoft sites will have a minimum age, but this can differ from site to site. Some sites will be 18 and over where others will allow from 12 or 14 and some will allow younger

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