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BB's & Ammunition

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    Spitfire BB Pellets 0.30g (2500 Bottle - White)
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    Spitfire BB Pellets 0.20g (2500 Bottle - White)
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    Spitfire BB Pellets 0.25g (2500 Bottle - White)
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    Spitfire BB Pellets 0.20g (5000 Bottle - White)
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    Big Foot Water/BB Empty Canteen Bottle (5000 Rounds - Tan/Yellow)
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BB Pellets

Where would we be without plastic BB pellets? Out playing paintball and bored to death. Don't get us wrong; we enjoy paintball, but it doesn't compare to an intense round of Airsoft.

You’ll see that we have the perfect airsoft bullets for any weapon you own. We have the largest range in the United Kingdom, so if you don’t see it here, you don’t want it. We’ve selected brands that we use ourselves; if it’s not good enough for us, we don’t sell it.

We stock everything from standard BB pellets 6mm to BB pellets biodegradable, so peruse our range and experience our outstanding customer service for yourself. 

The Different Types of BB Pellets

BB gun bullets fall into one of three categories: standard, tracer, and biodegradable BB rounds. 

Standard BB gun pellets 6mm and Beyond

These are the normal pellets we all know and love. They’re easy to use, inexpensive, and highly efficient on the battlefield.

These are the first type of bullet ever used, and a standard feature worldwide. It is also where you’ll find the largest selection of weights on offer, which allows for simple customization of the entire shooting experience. 

Tracer BB

These tracers are excellent for dimly lit or CQB environments. They're made with a material that will glow in the dark once fired. Get a few more of these than you think you'll need, though, since you'll probably want to shoot a few beforehand to test out their range and capabilities. 

They look fantastic during night games, though.

Biodegradable BB

Some courses here insist on their players using biodegradable pellets. While still uncommon, it’s likely that more courses will follow suit in a progressively climate-conscious society. 

Biodegradable bullets will break down a lot more rapidly than regular versions. They dissolve over time without a trace. These pellets work just as well, though, and are kinder to the environment. 


We only stock the brands that we use ourselves confidently, so you won’t see every known brand on our shelves that is available on the open market. We do have all the brands that matter, though, and you won’t find yourself lacking quality resources at competitive prices in the United Kingdom. 

The brands we choose to showcase most frequently are: 

•    Ares 

•    ASG  

•    BB Bastard  

•    G&G Armament   

•    Swiss Arms 

We chose the brands above because these bullets consistently deliver reliable results and live up to the hype. The pellets are shapely and rounded to ensure maximum efficiency on the battlefield. 

A poor workman blames their tools, but it isn’t strictly applicable to BB pellets. Not all pellets are equal, and some are riddled with excess plastic and little finesse. They’ll work but might throw off the accuracy of the shot. 

Unless you have the time to shave each pellet down, select a good brand from the start. Tracer bullets are nice to have and undoubtedly fun to shoot. Unless you'll be playing in low light conditions, though, they're unnecessary. 

Biodegradable options are good, too, but not essential unless the course requires this feature.

Choose the right pellet and watch your gameplay improve.