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Airsoft Launcher

Do you need the best airsoft accessories? For real power, consider an airsoft rocket launcher or BB launcher. 

If you’re clearing an area, you’ll love the Cyma grenade launcher. It’s the best airsoft grenade launcher available today and packs a serious punch. 

If you’d prefer a barrage of BBs, look at the HFC HG-138 Mini BB launcher. It’s lightweight and leaves no man standing. 

If you want a few more options, you’ll find the widest range in the UK here. It’s part of the service difference we offer our clients. If you’re looking for outstanding service, and a wide range of choices, you’ll love our store. 

Types of Launchers

Launchers are available in two basic types–standalone and weapon-mounted. Some shoot BBs, others shoot an airsoft grenade. Either option cuts a swath through your enemy on the field of play. There’s nothing better for clearing out a corridor and ensuring a kill.


We have everything you could possibly imagine.

Standalone Launchers

These launchers are ready to fire right out of the box. They are mounted on a stock and can be used alone. If you’re a dual wielder, think about the carnage of having a launcher in one hand, and an SMG in the other. It’s Armageddon. 

Weapon Mounted Launchers

Strategic players don’t need to feel left out of our catalogue. You can buy an amazing rail-mounted launcher, instead. 

The advantage of these tools is that you can attach them to your existing weapon. If you change out weapons, you can swap the launcher over. It is a better option for players who like to keep their packs light—after a few hours of play, every gram counts. 


We stock the following brands of airsoft launchers: 

  • CYMA
  • Big Dragon
  • HFC
  • S&T
  • ICS 

How did we settle on these brands in particular? They offer the best reliability and performance. 

We know this because we test each model meticulously. It’s a tough job, but we’re willing to make that sacrifice, multiple times if necessary. When we say that we take customer service seriously, we mean it. 

Why does CYMA come out on top of this list? They take their duty as manufacturers seriously and offer a reliable product. They have high-quality goods at prices that won’t break the bank. 


Do you want to add some boom to your performance at the next Airsoft game? Then pick a launcher, buy plenty of BBs or grenades, and watch your enemies crumble. There are times when finesse wins the day, but for every other time, there are airsoft launchers.

They’re not the most subtle weapons, but tact can be overrated. If you want to deliver a serious dose of shock and awe, there’s nothing more effective.

Choose a weapon-mounted model if you want to save space or a stock-mounted model for the sheer fun of it. Either way, you’ll have a blast.


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