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Gas, Co2 & Lubricants

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  1. Duel Code Airsoft Green Gas (150ml)
    SKU: 613434
  2. Duel Code Green Gas with Silicone (600ml)
    SKU: 612018
  3. Abbey Predator Ultra Gas (Red - 700ml)
    SKU: 610115
  4. Abbey Predator Gas 144a (700ml)
    SKU: 610506
  5. Abbey Stock Finish (25ml - Bottle)
    SKU: 615010
  6. Abbey Gun Clean (125ml - Tin)
    SKU: 615011
  7. Abbey Supply Lens Cloths (Pack of 10)
    SKU: 615009
  8. Abbey Anti Fog Cloth
    SKU: 615007
  9. Abbey Anti Fog Spray (150ml - Pump Spray)
    SKU: 615006
  10. Abbey Blu Gel (75gm - Pot)
    SKU: 615005
  11. Abbey Universal Sportsmans Cloth
    SKU: 615004
  12. Abbey Gun Lube SM50 (30ml - Dropper)
    SKU: 615001
  13. WE 2.0 Green Gas (Green) Bottle (800ml)
    SKU: 613745
  14. Magload Maglube (15ml - Dropper)
    SKU: 614463
  15. Abbey Silicone Oil (Aerosol)
    SKU: 610111
  16. Abbey Airsoft Cleaning Wipes (10 Wipes)
    SKU: 613347
  17. Umarex Co2 Capsule/Cartridge (12 Gram)
    SKU: 614251
  18. Abbey LT2 Gun Grease 50ml
    SKU: 610110
  19. Abbey Airsoft Gun Degreasing Spray (150ml)
    SKU: 613346
  20. Abbey Silicone Gun Grease (20ml - Pot)
    SKU: 610658
  21. Abbey Gas Nozzle Extensions
    SKU: 610109
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Items 1-36 of 39

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Airsoft Gas

If your weapon is gas-powered, you'll want to read our guide below. 

Beginners usually don't know much about the difference between Green Gas and CO2, so we'll lay out exactly which gas to use, and when.

We stock a full range of gases for every occasion, from the more affordable airsoft green gas to the more advanced Amoeba gas from Ares. Buy in bulk and save on cost per canister. 

TIP: Before you make your selection, check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your weapon. It is particularly important if it’s still under warranty, as many companies void the deal if you use anything other than green gas. 

Types of Airsoft Gas 

Green Gas

Green gas is what you’ll find most commonly. There’s nothing exciting about it, except that it makes for the best bb gun gas canisters. It's lower-pressure gas because it has more lubricant than other models.

Why choose the best green gas airsoft over the more exciting red, green, or CO2 options? Lubricant is the answer. It is a lot easier on the internal mechanisms on your gun and a far more affordable option than the alternatives. 

Red Gas

If green gas is so good, why would you want to change it? The answer is that you don't—not permanently. You need options for when the weather is terrible, though. Green gas is excellent for warmer weather, but it doesn't perform well in the cold.

Red gas is a medium pressure spray more suitable for cold.

Black Gas

It is serious stuff. High-pressured black gas is effective during the coldest weather spells. Don't use it all the time, though, unless you're willing to replace your weapon frequently.

Airsoft CO2

The CO2 gas is another high-pressure option, more difficult to load than green gas, and pricier as well.


These systems are technically not gas propelled as an HPA container is for pneumatically operated guns. The power comes from the pressure rather than the gas. 


Any consumables you use often need to be from a reputable manufacturer. You want to know that you’re getting the quality that you expect. We try out all the gases that we stock ourselves, to make sure they’ll work flawlessly for you. 

You won't see every brand on our site. 

What you will see are brands that deliver on their promises. We look for excellent performance and value for money. Our favourite brands include:

  • ASG
  • Abbey
  • Guarder
  • Tippmann
  • Z-Parts
  • Madbull

If you have a brand in mind and don’t see it on our list, call our experts to confirm whether it’s a reliable choice.


We recommend using green gas most of the time. If you’re an enthusiast who plays come rain or shine, pick up a can of red or black gas as well. Use the tougher alternatives infrequently, though, cleaning and lubricating the gun afterwards to reduce potential damage. 

Check the manufacturer’s instructions before purchasing gas. Higher pressure means better performance but often comes at a cost. 

If you’d like a high-pressure option on hand, choose an HPA-powered weapon from the start. 

If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch, and we'll be glad to talk you through it.