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Tactical Gear

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  1. CCCP Pistol Case (25x15x5cm - Black)
    SKU: 613329
  2. FMA Tactical Plastic Case (Red - TB1260-RED)
    SKU: 614101
    SKU: 611221
  4. Big Foot 3P Tactical Backpack (Tan)
    SKU: 612228
  5. Big Foot 3P Laser Cut Backpack (Black)
    SKU: 612234
  6. Big Foot 3P Laser Cut Backpack (Multicam)
    SKU: 612236
  7. Big Foot Zombie Skull Mask (V2)
    SKU: 611647
    SKU: 610428
    SKU: 610426
  10. Big Foot Glasses V1 (Black)
    SKU: 613222
  11. Big Foot D3CRH Chest Rig Vest (Grey)
    SKU: 613153
  12. Big Foot Three Point Sling (Black)
    SKU: 610444
  13. Big Foot US2A Two Point Sling Nylon (OD)
    SKU: 610451
  14. CCCP Shotgun Sling (Shell Holder - Black)
    SKU: 611629
  15. Big Foot Upgraded Pistol Sling (Tan)
    SKU: 611714
  16. CCCP M4 Rubber Knife with Case and Straps
    SKU: 610030
  17. Big Foot 5x79 Standard Holster (Grey)
    SKU: 613068
  18. Big Foot 5x79 Standard Holster (OD)
    SKU: 613066
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Items 1-36 of 582

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Tactical Gear

You've found the perfect weapon and sorted out all your protective gear. Now, you're ready to play. 

If you want to have the best possible experience, though, you'll want some tactical gear UK. We have an extensive range of good quality, cheap tactical gear on hand. 

Why not invest in a tactical gear vest so that you can keep all your bits and pieces accessible? Or a tactical backpack UK to store bigger items? 

If you're going to be playing soldier, you better look the part, so we have the most comprehensive range of military clothing UK in the country. 

Types of Tactical Gear

Do you love gadgets and combat gear? Then you’ll adore the choice of tactical gear we have on offer. There are many types available, but here are the basic categories:

Bags & Backpacks   

You’ll find everything from simple military pouches UK to full backpacks to carry all your equipment. 

Belts & Harnesses  

If you're not into a field vest, then belts and harnesses are lightweight alternatives. Harnesses can be used to carry weapons that are not in use. Belts work in conjunction with holsters or attachment points.

Cleaning & Maintenance 

Airsoft is tough on your gear—it’s going to get dirty. That’s part of the fun, but we do offer innovative cleaning supplies and maintenance packs if you prefer.

Clothing & Camouflage  

If you’re out in the field, you want to look the part. Military clothing is about more than looking intimidating, though. It’s primarily about blending in with your surroundings. 

Glasses, Goggles & Masks

Protect your eyes and mouth from stray BBs. Our range of glasses, goggles, and masks give you all the protection that you need. 


Gloves are not essential but highly useful. They help you maintain your grip on your weapon, no matter how sweaty your hands.


You’ll see that we stock a range of brands, including budget brands and premier options. One thing that all our brands have in common is their commitment to providing the best possible products. 

We only deal with brands who take customer service as seriously as we do and offer clients excellent value for money. The brands that qualify include:

  • Airtech Studios 
  • Abbey 
  • Ares 
  • Big Foot 
  • Bespoke Customs 
  • CCCP Accessories  
  • Duel Code  
  • Classic Army  
  • EMG 
  • SRC 
  • UFC (Japan)  
  • TMC 
  • WE (Wei Tech)

These are all the brands we stock for now, but we’re always on the lookout for new options, so keep in touch. 

Ultimately, tactical gear helps you look and feel like a real soldier. Combined with a mask and the right weapon, your enemies will quake in their boots. 

Beyond the streetwise factor, there’s a practicality to the right kind of gear. Signal lights and slings can give you the advantage in the field, for example. 

Check out our full range of gear—you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We offer reasonable prices as part of our customer care promise and keep our margins reasonable. You get more value for money, and we get a customer for life.

It’s much more valuable to us than a few extra pounds.