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    Ares Amoeba M4 P-Mag 300 Rounds (Black)
    SKU: 310005
    Regular Price £19.99 Special Price £17.99
  2. AA/APFG MPX Gas Magazine (Black)
    SKU: 311109
  3. Tokyo Marui 1911 Magazine (Black)
    SKU: 310455
  4. Double Bell 1911 Gas Magazine (728J)
    SKU: 310932
  5. LCT LCK47 70rds Metal Magazine (PK-121)
    SKU: 610733
  6. LCT LCK74 70rds Magazine (Orange) (PK-135)
    SKU: 610737
  7. -13%
    1000 RD flash Magazine (B38) (MAG-B38)
    SKU: 310036
    Regular Price £14.99 Special Price £12.99
  8. GHK GK105 Gas Magazine (GKMS - Plain)
    SKU: 310110
  9. GHK GK105/GKMS Co2 Magazine (GKMS - Plain)
    SKU: 310101
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Items 1-36 of 450

per page

Airsoft Magazines

Do you want to improve your game? Go locked and loaded with a few magazines to spare. We have every possible model you could imagine. 

Choose a high-capacity mag with an insane number of pellets to obliterate the enemy. Or stick to the standard airsoft m4 mags to reduce the amount of weight you carry. 

Your choice of BB mags doesn’t matter; we have any brand you need. We stock spring, gas, and electric mags, and everything from airsoft sniper magazines to an airsoft drum mag.

If you aren’t sure what to choose, contact us for superb customer service and unrivalled knowledge. 

Types of Airsoft Magazines

Check the manufacturer’s recommendation for the best types of mags to use for your gun. An airsoft m4 magazine UK may well fit a different kind of weapon, but it's better to be sure.  

There are several types of magazines: 

Standard Curved Automatic Models

You'll use these magazines with a sub-machine gun. The old AK-47 rifle carried this type, which contains a fair amount of ammunition and reloads the weapon quickly.

Standard Pistol Models

These mags are generally used for pistols. They fit inside the stock of the weapon, carry a fair amount of ammo, and are lightweight. The mag’s position inside the stock reduces bulkiness, which is a great option if you’re fighting in close quarters. 

High-Capacity Box Models

If you want the maximum number of casualties, a box magazine is the way to go. It’s slightly bulkier and a little clumsier to change out. The upside is that you won’t need to change it that often because it contains an abundance of ammunition. 

Fast-Loading Models

Standard models work well on the run, but if you want the maximum speed available, then choose a fast-loading model for efficiency. It is specifically designed to feed pellets through faster than standard models. 


We have many different brands on offer, and all are reliable. For the best of the best, we recommend the following, though:

  • Ares
  • PTS
  • CYMA
  • Marui
  • Ares
  • ASG
  • Classic Army
  • G&G Armament

You can rely on any of these brands to provide reliable, durable products. The mags load quickly and can be changed easily. A few of these puppies on your person means you won't run out of ammunition for ages.

Don’t forget to browse the accessories that will help you carry the magazines, too. We have everything from clips for your belt or vest to streamlined carry cases. 

All you need is a magazine that loads the bullets reliably and all the brands we offer achieve this directive. The main challenge is to find a mag that suits your needs perfectly. 

Before you head out and buy the biggest box cartridge available, be sure it works with your weapon. 

It pays to match the mag to the type of gameplay you enjoy. If you're a double wielder, you'll want maximum carnage, and a box cartridge is ideal. If you're concerned about accuracy, choose a standard cartridge instead.                         

Peruse at our range and see what we offer for yourself.