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  1. MP Style 870 Shotgun (Tan) (MP-001-TAN)
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  2. Double Eagle M401 Breacher Spring Shotgun
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Airsoft Shotgun 

Do you want to win the next close encounter battle? Have you considered adding an airsoft BB shotgun to the mix? 


We boast a range of outstanding shotguns. Opt for a single-shot to save ammunition and provide stopping power or use the tri-burst version to experience the full effect of a powerful shotgun blast. Use the shotgun as your primary weapon, a backup piece, or even as a sidearm. 


Twice the barrel means twice the power, so check out the airsoft shotgun double barrel. If you want something more refined, then the airsoft compact sniper rifle puts in a fantastic performance, too. 


Types of Airsoft Shotgun

A shotgun is a standard type of weapon in any of its forms. It features a shorter barrel and can shoot multiple rounds at once. It doesn't have the same stopping power as a rifle or pistol, but at close range, that distinction is mostly irrelevant.


We have a full range of shotgun options in our catalogue, from the best airsoft shotguns to more budget-friendly models. Forget what you think you know about BB shotguns. Older models of the airsoft spring shotgun were quite rough around the edges, but the new airsoft models provide an amazingly soft touch. 


The airsoft replicas available today are excellent, and you also have the option of gas-powered or electric models. These both pack more of a punch and offer faster performance. Another aspect that makes these replicas more precise is that they’re usually loaded with shells or mags, so you don’t have to load the BBs one at a time.   


A question we often hear is, "Do I need a shotgun?" Our answer is a resounding, "YES!" We feel that every player should have at least three weapons in their repertoire. Shotguns are less effective over longer distances, but for close-quarter combat, they're outstanding.


We’ve added some of the world’s finest brands to our collection. We feature all the popular brands, and more, including:


  • ASG
  • CYMA
  • Tokyo Marui


Some of the more obscure brands like BO Dynamics and Hwasan are available, too. Hwasan and Tokyo Marui are reliable brands for more advanced players. They offer better stopping power and performance overall. 


If you’re on a tighter budget, though, a CYMA shotgun offers excellent value for money. If you have a specific brand or model in mind but don’t see it on the list, call us. We will easily be able to source it for you. 

Airsoft makes it easy to get caught up in the excitement over bigger, better guns. Think twice before you dismiss the humble shotgun, though. It has so much to offer. 


The barrel is shorter and squatter, so it's not the sexiest weapon, but that doesn't mean a thing when you're trying to clear a congested corridor or storm the defences. A shotgun makes a valuable addition as a backup or sidearm. Become your team's most valuable player by carrying some impressive firepower.


Are you still unconvinced? Get in touch with us today. We’ll go through your choices and discuss all the alternatives to help you make the right decision.