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BB Guns (Two Tone)

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  1. Vigor CX4 Storm Spring Rifle (Blue - 8910)
    SKU: 212235
  2. Galaxy G2 Spring Metal Pistol (G2 - Gold)
    SKU: 110548
  3. Galaxy G22 Full Metal Spring Pistol (G22)
    SKU: 110473
  4. Galaxy G21 Spring Metal Pistol (G21 - Blue)
    SKU: 110050
  5. Galaxy G1 Spring Metal Pistol (G1 - Blue)
    SKU: 110036
  6. Galaxy G1 Spring Metal Pistol (G1 - Gold)
    SKU: 110549
  7. Galaxy G2 Spring Metal Pistol (G2 - Blue)
    SKU: 110048
  8. Galaxy G3 Spring Metal Pistol (G3 - Blue)
    SKU: 110057
  9. Galaxy TT33 Spring Pistol (Full Metal - G33)
    SKU: 110469
  10. Galaxy G51 Spring Pistol (Blue)
    SKU: 110668
  11. Vigor PPK Spring Pistol Full Metal - Blue - V7
    SKU: 111262
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Items 1-36 of 50

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Airsoft BB Gun

Are you looking for the perfect airsoft gun? What’s your pleasure – a spring BB rifle, electric BB gun, or gas BB gun? We have the most comprehensive range of weapons in the United Kingdom—a one-stop-shop offering the best range and the most personalised customer service.

Our selection starts with cheap airsoft guns for beginners. For the more advanced players, we stock a variety of sassy and powerful models. Take a handkerchief with you–your opponents will be drooling with envy. 

Every model that we stock is a faithful replica of the real thing, and as enthusiasts, attention to detail is a priority. 

Types of Airsoft BB Guns

What do you need to annihilate your enemies? We have it all.


A variety of designs allow you to choose pistols for the classic good looks of a Desert Eagle or something with a bit of colour instead, like two-tone BB guns. 


Pistols are excellent close-quarter combat tools. When you have an army bearing down on you, though, you want something with more oomph. Submachine guns are a versatile solution—with automatic to mow down large forces or single shots to conserve ammunition. 

Assault Rifles

It’s not the most accurate weapon, but with this kind of firepower, joy is assured. Pick up tons of pellets or consider a high-volume box magazine to wreak mass destruction. 

Sniper Rifles

There are two types of airsoft players—a "blast them all and let the chips fall where they may" lot and more strategic individuals. For the first group, maximum carnage is the goal. It's a fun way to play, and ideal for beginners to acclimatise.

Strategists are more patient and willing to decimate the other team one at a time. If this is you, you’ll want a sniper rifle to show off your skill.


Good luck to anyone who receives a full blast from one of these babies. If you’re storming an enemy position, shotguns offer the brute strength to remove your opponents efficiently.  

Support Guns

Cumbersome, but large enough to dig in and defend the position, these are amazing offensive weapons as well.


What’s your favourite brand of airsoft BB guns? The odds are good that we stock it already. 

Our top recommended brands include: 

  • CYMA
  • ASG
  • G&G Armament
  • Marui
  • Ares 

There are many more brands, too, so don’t limit yourself to the few mentioned above.

UKARA regulations make it challenging to achieve an exact replica of a real gun. An airsoft gun must look fake, which is why manufacturers produce two-tone 

BB guns. The guns are still genuinely enjoyable, though, and with so many brands on offer, you’re sure to find something you like here. It's your opportunity to make a splash.

We partner with the top brands to find you the best firepower for your needs. You can find magnificent guns at excellent prices, and experience outstanding customer service from our airsoft gun experts. What more do you need (aside from "one more” gun)?

Check out our website. We have everything that you could imagine for your next battle, and even more. Whether you’re a beginner or a die-hard enthusiast, we’ll make sure that you have plenty of firepower.  

If you aren’t sure which gun one suits you best, speak to our friendly consultants for advice in the field.