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  1. -50%
    ACM Squid TV drama Front man Face Mask (Abstract - Soft Black Mask)
    SKU: 614970
    Regular Price £2.99 Special Price £1.49
  2. -50%
    ACM Squid TV drama Guard Face Mask (TRIANGLE - Hard Black Mask)
    SKU: 614969
    Regular Price £3.99 Special Price £1.99
  3. -50%
    ACM Squid TV drama Guard Face Mask (SQUARE - Hard Black Mask)
    SKU: 614968
    Regular Price £3.99 Special Price £1.99
  4. -50%
    ACM Squid TV drama Guard Face Mask (CIRCLE - Hard Black Mask)
    SKU: 614967
    Regular Price £3.99 Special Price £1.99
  5. Big Foot Tactical Camo Mask Cover (V1)
    SKU: 613906
  6. Big Foot Leader Mask (Tan)
    SKU: 613080
  7. Big Foot Spartan Mesh Face Mask (OD)
    SKU: 612110
  8. -42%
    Big Foot Zombie Skull Mask (V1)
    SKU: 611648
    Regular Price £11.99 Special Price £6.99
  9. Big Foot Leader Mask (Carbon Fibre)
    SKU: 613082
  10. -23%
    Big Foot Glory Knight Mesh Mask (Tan)
    SKU: 613084
    Regular Price £12.99 Special Price £9.99
  11. Big Foot Devil Mask (Red)
    SKU: 611774
  12. Big Foot Spartan Clear Glass Face Mask (Tan)
    SKU: 613099
  13. Big Foot V Mask (Black)
    SKU: 613089
    SKU: 610413
  15. Big Foot Neoprene Full Face Mask (Black)
    SKU: 611002
  16. Big Foot CSK Mask (Tan)
    SKU: 610694
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-36 of 126

per page

Airsoft Masks

Wearing the right combat mask is an essential part of your airsoft experience. You should have protection for your eyes as a bare minimum. Even a stray BB at low speeds can do significant damage.

Masks provide protection and allow you to express your personality. If you want to look like a stormtrooper or acquire an airsoft skull mask, we can make it happen.

We have the broadest range of airsoft masks in the United Kingdom, including full masks and half masks. Get in touch, and we'll talk you through the selection. We pride ourselves in taking excellent care of our clients in all thing airsoft.

Types of Airsoft Masks

There are four main types of masks.

Full Face Masks

An airsoft full face helmet UK offers the best protection. The trade-off is that they can be warm to wear if you've been playing for a while. Our masks are well-ventilated, though, and won't get you as hot under the collar.  

We do recommend a demisting spray to use with these masks. Alternatively, look for a model with mesh inserts instead, which offer protection and ventilation.  

Browse our range of full face tactical masks here.  

Lower Face Masks

If you want an airsoft half face mask, you’ll need to choose which half to cover. If you’re looking for the best airsoft mask for glasses, the lower face masks are the right choice. They protect your teeth and jaw when a round hits your face, but you must wear goggles with them. 

Browse our range of lower face masks here. 

Top Half Masks

These are designed to protect your eyes and are a great option if you get too hot while playing. The downside is that they offer no protection for your teeth and jaw. 

Browse our range of Airsoft glasses here. 

Resin Masks

If you feel that the best airsoft masks have character, you’ll love the resins masks. There is a wide range of characters—including the Terminator and the Predator. Have fun choosing the right representation for you. 

Browse our range of resin masks here. 


We only stock the top brands that have proven to offer reliable protection and versatility. Masks are one form of gear where a cheap and nasty alternative is to be avoided. 

Face protection is essential on the battlefield. The rounds fired are usually shot at low velocity, but they're still travelling at quite a speed and does significant damage to vulnerable soft tissue.

It’s imperative to acquire the right protection. Our favourite brands include: 

Check out our store to find the highest quality masks at the best prices. 

A character mask injects an aspect of fun into the airsoft course as you play your favourite superheroes. For serious competitors, a pro-style helmet with full face mask might be a better advantage.

If you'd prefer something lighter, a half mask is ideal. Your eyes must be protected, so if you only cover the lower face, you must wear goggles as well.    

It’s critical to protect your eyes. If you’re on a tight budget, consider buying a top half-model, so you don’t have to buy goggles as well.

If you need advice, call our friendly professionals before making your final decision.


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