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Batteries & Chargers

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  1. iMax B3 Pro Lipo Charger (UK Plug)
    SKU: 615043
  2. Duel Code 7.4v 800 MaH 15C Lipo Battery
    SKU: 614925
  3. Duel Code 11.1v 1600 MaH 20C Lipo Battery
    SKU: 614331
  4. Big Foot Heat Voltage Display Mater (1~6S)
    SKU: 613111
  5. Big Foot Heat Lipo Battery 2200 mAh 7.4c 25c
    SKU: 613021
  6. Big Foot Heat LiPo Alarm (2-3S)
    SKU: 613112
  7. Duel Code 7.4v 1600 MaH 20C Lipo Battery
    SKU: 614920
  8. G.T. Power Digital Battery Capacity Checker
    SKU: 510720
  9. iMax Lipo Voltage Checker 1-8S with Case
    SKU: 614962
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Items 1-36 of 81

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Airsoft Batteries 

You've stalked your prey and lined up the shot. You pull the trigger, and nothing happens. You forgot to charge your batteries before the game (sigh). 

Now you hope that your opponents don't realise it before you make it off the course unharmed. Does this scenario sound familiar?

Never worry about a flat airsoft battery again with our extensive range, from the 7.4v lipo battery airsoft to the 8.4v airsoft battery. Get two, so you always have a fully charged spare in your pack. Throw in the best airsoft battery charger, too. 

For help choosing the right equipment, contact our friendly customer service team.

Types of Airsoft Batteries

When we say that we stock every kind of battery and airsoft battery charger you need, it is no exaggeration. 

We stock the following brands: 

  • Ni-MH Batteries
  • Lipo Battery airsoft
  • Accessory Batteries
  • LiPo Chargers
  • Ni-Mh Chargers
  • Battery & Charger Accessories
  • Mini-Tamiya Battery
  • Deans Batteries
  • Stick Battery
  • Crane Battery
  • Block Battery
  • PEQ Battery

Are you unsure about the model you need? We recommend you check the manufacturer’s specifications for the weapon that you own. Check the size and type of your existing battery, too—substitutions won’t work. 

The next thing to consider is whether to get two batteries. 

If you have the budget for two, we highly recommend it for those days you’re on a roll on the battlefield. As soon as one drains, put it on charge and swap it for the spare. It can be a lifesaver in the field.

Next, find a high-quality charger. Choose a charger designed for the type of battery that you own and add a handy battery monitor to see what shape your batteries are in on the run.

If you're not sure which type to choose, contact us with the make and model of your weapon, and we'll help you select the ideal option.


We believe in giving you the best range of choices possible. So, we stock the following brands: 

  • Big Foot  
  • CCCP Accessories 
  • CCCP Batteries 
  • Cyma 
  • Tokyo Marui
  • WE (Wei Tech) 

You’ll notice that the field is more limited here because we only choose manufacturers who create value products. A battery that drains too quickly is no use to anyone. So, we are focused instead on brands that offer a decent battery life and a durable product. You’ll find that there are options to suit everyone’s needs and budget. You can rest assured that these products will all perform magnificently in the field. 


Being powerless in the field can quickly end your dreams of domination. Avoid this situation by being prepared. Keep a fully charged spare on you—it doesn't add a lot of weight, but it can save you plenty of frustration.

A battery monitor is also a wise investment. It can tell you the state of your batteries when it checks for dead cells and charge. You'll have ample warning that you to change batteries.

It’s also important to choose the right charger for your new purchase. You don’t want to damage it with the wrong type of charger accidentally.