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CO2 Pistols

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  1. HFC Co2 Pistol P08 (Full Metal - Black)
    SKU: 110092
  2. Well G293A Co2 Revolver (Full Metal Body)
    SKU: 110619
  3. HFC Co2 Pistol 45 (Full Metal - Black)
    SKU: 110088
  4. HFC Co2 Pistol M1911 (Full Metal - Black)
    SKU: 110090
  5. HFC Co2 Pistol M9 (Full Metal - Black)
    SKU: 110091
  6. HFC M84 Co2 Pistol (Full Metal - Black)
    SKU: 110080
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Airsoft Pistol 

A pistol is a classic weapon that every airsoft player should own. We offer an extensive range of airsoft pistols, including: 

  • Co2 airsoft pistol
  • Gas blowback airsoft pistol
  • Electric airsoft pistols

Do you fancy a Desert Eagle replica or a Luger? We have the widest range in England, so you’re bound to find the right match here. If you’re worried about UKARA regulations, put them out of your mind—we can spray any model on our site. 

There are options for every budget, from a cheap airsoft pistol for beginners to the best airsoft pistol on the market for professionals.  

Types of Airsoft Pistols

Aside from design features, one pistol looks much like another. Automatic pistols are more popular than revolvers, but still available in various places. They’re similar, so instead of discussing the features, we’ll look at how the guns are powered. 


These are the oldest types. It works on mechanical power, where you cock the gun to fire. The advantage of spring-powered models is that you don’t need gas or other consumables, and you don’t have to worry about the battery losing its charge. 

The disadvantage is that you fire one bullet at a time, and the load times are slow. If you acquire a model with an excellent spring, though, this can do some serious damage. 


If you’re looking at a pistol, a gas-powered option is a safe bet. It’s reliable, loads faster, and may offer more pressure than with spring-powered models. The downside is that the airsoft pistol’s gas runs out rapidly. 

You’ll also need to change the gas regularly depending on your local climate. CO2-powered models shoot at higher pressures than green gas ones, but the latter is more economical and better for the gun’s interior. 


These are the most popular types because they are reliable, economical, and deliver decent pressure. Over the long-term, they can save you a fair amount of money in gas refills.

The downside is that your battery can run out of juice at an inopportune moment. We recommend always carrying a spare battery. 


You’ll notice that we stock all the top brands. 

The variety is mainly for the serious players who want to level up, but we also understand that not everyone wants to lay out that kind of capital. We offer a range of budget brands as well. 

We vet every brand carefully before placing them on our site. It’s a difficult job having to test all those guns from different brands, but we put our customers first. If that means shooting three or thirty times as a test, we’ll stay in the field until we’re satisfied. 

Our favourite brands include: 

  • RAVEN 
  • ASG 
  • CYMA 
  • Tokyo Marui
  • WE Europe

When it comes to choosing the perfect side-arm, we have the best selection. As airsoft fanatics ourselves, we understand the importance of having a reliable pistol on hand and that’s why we’re picky about the brands that we affirm. 

All the models on our site will deliver excellent performance that’s reliable in a tough spot. All that's left now is for you to choose which one (or two) you'd like to try. 

Are you battling to decide? Get in touch with our professionals, and we'll help you find the ideal model for you.