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Electric Rifles

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  1. Double Eagle Submachine M89A AEG Rifle (M89A)
    SKU: 210556
  2. -33%
    Ares M45X-S with EFCS Gearbox (Black - AR-083E)
    SKU: 211594
    Regular Price £359.99 Special Price £239.99
  3. -36%
    Ares M45X-S with EFCS Gearbox (S-Class S - Black - AR-087E)
    SKU: 211648
    Regular Price £234.99 Special Price £149.99
  4. -40%
    Ares M45X-S with EFCS Gearbox (S-Class L - Tan - AR-088E)
    SKU: 211649
    Regular Price £249.99 Special Price £149.99
  5. -36%
    Ares M45X-S with EFCS Gearbox (Retractable Stock with Arm Stabilizing Brace - Tan - AR-085E)
    SKU: 211646
    Regular Price £234.99 Special Price £149.99
  6. A&K MK43/M60 Light Machine Gun (LMG) AEG
    SKU: 210070
  7. Double Bell 4168-A5 AEG (Blue - 813)
    SKU: 212489
  8. Rossi M4 Sentinel SIGMA AEG (Black)
    SKU: 213487
  9. LCT Vityaz PP-19-01 AEG with Double Magazine
    SKU: 210857
  10. Secutor Airsoft Virtus SWAT III (Black)
    SKU: 213556
  11. Rossi M4 Sentinel SEAL (Tan)
    SKU: 213579
  12. Rossi M4 Sentinel SEAL (Black)
    SKU: 213580
  13. Secutor Aquila VII LMG AEG (Tan)
    SKU: 212399
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Items 1-36 of 120

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Airsoft Rifle

Every airsoft player that we know loves the extended range of a rifle. We have a variety that will make any player envious. Choose between a gas airsoft rifle or an airsoft rifle electric; we have an abundance of choices across both categories. 

We understand that not everyone can afford the best airsoft rifle on the market, so we also offer a selection of budget models. We've chosen products carefully to ensure reliable performance and value for money.

As part of our customer service pledge, we ensure that any brand we sell is worth its price. Give us a chance; you’ll appreciate the excellent service we guarantee. 

Type of Airsoft Rifles

You have plenty of options when it comes to rifles as well. 

Airsoft Assault Rifle

An assault rifle is an unflinching monster on the field. It's particularly useful for taking out groups of enemies. Most brands of airsoft assault rifle electric or the gas-powered versions ask you to choose between single-shot and automatic fire functions.

For those situations where it’s one or two players, you can easily switch over to the single-shot function to save on ammunition and adjust your game tactics. 

Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle Airsoft

A sniper rifle allows you to pick off enemies who are further away with greater accuracy. If you’re a technical player, you’ll enjoy the increased range and accuracy of the weapon. Sniper rifles can also set to semi-automatic for those instances where you need more firepower with less finesse. 


The major difference between these SMG types and other assault rifles is that these models fire only one bullet at a time. 

Support Guns

Support guns are closer to assault rifles in form and function. These guns exert a lot of power and can fire multiple rounds in rapid succession. You usually have the option to load a high-volume cartridge, too, so they're effective when defending your territory.


What’s your favourite brand? If it’s reliable, you’re bound to find it on our site. Part of what’s made us so popular around the country is that we don’t sell junk. 

There are plenty of great manufacturers available in the airsoft industry. Our favourite brands offer outstanding value and excellent quality, including: 

  • CYMA
  • ASG
  • G&G Armament
  • Marui
  • Ares 

If you're a professional, Marui's premier options might be just the ticket. If you're starting, CYMA offers excellent quality at a reasonable price. There are so many other brands as well, so be sure to ask if you have a specific product in mind. 

For the right rifle at a competitive price, start with our selection, and stock up on your consumables, too. An assault rifle cuts through the competition but runs through ammunition fast. Don't worry, we'll have your new order in well before you need it.

If you’re unsure about the best model, consider the type of play you love and take it from there. An assault rifle is fun, but overkill for close-quarter combat. An SMG might be better and allows you to save ammunition, too, but a sniper rifle is best for the patient player who values accuracy. 

If you still can't decide, contact us for expert advice anytime.