Name and Description:

Bespoke Airsoft ED1 Trigger Kit For Ares Striker



The Bespoke ED1 trigger kit for the Ares Striker will consist of the following parts below:


Horizontal Sear

Vertical Sear

Sear Screw

Guide Block

New Sear Spring

New ED1 Trigger (Updated Design)


This kit will fit straight into your Ares Striker giving you a true 90* sear. All of the components are made of high-quality materials and has been meticulously designed over a 6 month period.

This trigger kit will work with most cylinders but will work best with the Bespoke ED1 Cylinder. We cannot guarantee third-party cylinders or pistons will work.

Sometimes the Ares Upgrade piston will not work with this trigger kit. This is due to the poor quality control by Ares.

**Wholesale Enquiries Welcome**

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