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Bespoke Airsoft ED1 Strong Body Pin For Ares Striker - Real Feel Operation


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Our new A2 Stainless Steel body pin for the Ares Striker. Removes the troublesome live indicator and is more reliable and hard wearing than others on the market and is the only pin to have a flat edge to keep the spring guide straight.

Has a flat edge on the front face to stop the spring guide from pivoting up or down when in use. This pin will work with our new ED1 upgrade parts and the original spring guides.

The new flat surface design ensures that the spring guide stays straight while loading. This will mean that the bolt return is smoother, however, the last leg of the bolt return will feel stiff. This is due to the extra tension applied to the spring guide on return battery. This is easily done by pushing the bolt handle back down to the original position. This makes for a more reliable system.

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