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Bespoke Airsoft ED1 Cylinder Kit For Ares Striker


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The Bespoke Airsoft ED1 Cylinder Kit for the Ares Striker will consist of the following parts:


Stainless steel one-piece cylinder body

Stainless steel cylinder head

PTFE piston damper

*New 316 Stainless Steel Piston with Damper*

New design spring guide system

New design body pin


The Bespoke Cylinder kit has been in development for some time and the main body is made from one piece to eliminate the weak point where some manufacturers use a pin system that is unreliable. All of the components are made of high quality materials and has been meticulously designed over a 6 month period.

This cylinder kit will work best with the Bespoke ED1 trigger kit. Any damage caused by third party sear sets will not be covered under warranty.

**Wholesale Enquiries Welcome**


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